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On Saturday 31/03/2012 the FSS held a training day in Hereford/Worcester border, with kind permission of Mr David Coade and Mr Larry Wilkes.

The trainers were Mr Ron Edwards and Mr Peter Long. Both very experienced gundog trainers with an understanding of Minor Breeds and their handlers!

In total, on the day we had 14 dogs and most of them were Fields.

In the morning, the trainers (I took the puppy class) split the group up by ability and age and all the groups started with some basic obedience and retrieving. Some of the older dogs did a little hunting up.

The weather was kind in the morning, with a light shower over the lunch break, then it cleared up ready for the afternoon session.

In the afternoon, some of dogs started with a little more hunting up and then it was onto the water, which is always exciting as you never know what they will do! Some of the older and a lot more experienced dogs did make retrieves across the lake and out into the lake and I have to say it is a big lake.

A group then went into the woodland to brush up on their hunting skills, this was especially helpful for the handlers and dogs who have never done any work with their dogs either in The Field or at a Working Test.

The day ended with the raffle draw and thanks, and a few kind words from the trainers.

To add a personal note, I would like to thank the trainers for all their help and advice, the landowners and our very own Di Hammond for the finding the land (poor Di couldn't stop and help due to a leg and back injury).

To all the handlers for bringing their dogs without whom we wouldn't have had a training day.

Thank you also for the raffle prize donations (who know who you are).

I hope to see everyone again next time.

Good Luck with your training


Working Area

March 2012 Training Day Report

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Field Spaniel Field Trial 2013

The Working Secretary’s Report  (extracted from the FSS Year Book)

The Field Spaniel Society once again held a successful FSS All Aged AV Spaniel Stake at:   Norton Evesham with kind permission from the land owners, Norman and Sandra Onens. This year Norman had to step in and be my 4th gun so we could even the line up (two guns for each judge).

Our judges on the day were : Mr Ben Randell A panel & Mr Alex Badger B panel.

Our chief steward was Andy Robbins who kept us all in order thank you.  Our guns were Andy Gudger and he brought with him Emma and Dick.  Emma (who is very experienced on shooting clays) shoot her first birds on the day.  It was a good clear day the rain kept off (always a bonus) and the birds were plentiful.

I would also like to thank all my helpers from the FSS, Lin and her red flag, Gretel and Janet in the kitchen, (it was so nice to come back to the table laid out), Martin who helped in keeping everyone together, at times it felt like I was herding cats Smiling face with smiling eyes. Also a great big Thank you to EVERYONE who entered just a pity there were no Fields entered this year.

Now to the results:

1st and The Guns Choice, also best Clumber - Ickyticker Hamish Clumber: Owned and Handled by Mark Rydzewski.  This was Mark's third working event. He was a more than worthy winner, he and the dog worked well together as a team.

2nd Venaticus Hercules - Owned and handled by James Darley

3&4 were withheld - However the judges did award 2 Certificate of Merits to: Sedgehurst Kenver - Owned and handled by Chris Raper    &

Venaticus Henrietta - Owned and handled by James Darley.

Finally I would just like to say Thank You to everyone who had supported me over the years in my role as Working Secretary for the FSS and to all the good friends I have met. I wish the FSS every success in the future and to the new Working Secretary when one is chosen.

Working Secretary

T. B. A.