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Committee Meetings

The next committee meeting for the Society will be on 4/11/2018. Any items for the Agenda must be in writing to the Secretary.

October 21st  Breed Seminar  Incl. Assessment

Yelvertoft Village Hall, Lilbourne Road, Yelvertoft, Northampton NN6 6LJ


£25 for Seminar & Assessment; £15 Talk & lunch only.

Download Application Form HERE

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Members now have access to a Field Spaniel Pedigree Database, Click on the link to vist:


When you register on the database you can change/update the dogs details.  The change will be sent to the main administrator and the admin for the breed. They will check, approve and implement the change.

You can also enter the details of any dogs that you have bred

Frank Kane’s Critique of the Championship Show 2018 is now available via Show Results on the navigation bar

One Day Gundog Training Workshop for Field Spaniels

16th September 2018

Full details available via Working Area “Guide to Working” on the navigation bar