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The results from the Society’s 2017 Breed Health Survey are now available here


In line with the KC policy the FSS will be running a health survey.  The following is a statement from our Breed Health co-ordinator giving full details of what is required. The survey will also be sent out via the KC to all owners of registered Field Spaniels and we would urge breeders who have sold puppies to ask the new owners if they will take part.  The Society hope that all Field Spaniel owners will take the time to complete the survey.

During February 2023 The Kernel Club will be releasing a Field Spaniel Breed Health Survey on behalf of the Field Spaniel Society.  The survey is a collaboration between the Kennel Club and the Field Spaniel Society. Completed surveys will be returned to the Kennel Club, who will do the analysis of the survey for the Field Spaniel Society. Paper copies will be sent by the Field Spaniel Society to members who are unable to access online facilities. The survey is carried out in strictest confidentiality.

I ask you all to please complete the survey (one survey per dog and for dogs deceased in the last five years).  Breeders please urge owners of Field Spaniels purchased from you to complete the survey.  The outcomes from this survey will benefit the breed.

I take this opportunity to thank the members of the Kennel Club Health team for their assistance and support. Thank you all for continuing to care for our beautiful breed.  

Heather Weeks Field Spaniel Breed Health Coordinator

The Results of the 2023 HEALTH SURVEY are now available HERE


The Kennel Club has announced changes to accepted laboratories it will accept DNA results from in order to align with the changing landscape of the genetic testing industry.

Please click on the LINK for further information