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Membership of the Field Spaniel Society is by election, and there are single, double and junior memberships, and reduced fees for bona fide gamekeepers.

The Society now has a PayPal account ( ). This will make it easier for our overseas members to pay their subscriptions. ALL payments MUST be made in UK Sterling.

UK Members

Member's from other EEC countries

Non EEC Members

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Paypal Rate

Normal Rate

Paypal Rate

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Membership Application Forms can be obtained from this website or from the Society Secretary on request.

PDF Version     

Word Version

Please send completed Membership Forms to the Secretary as they require signatures from the applicant and both the proposer and seconder.

Please Note

Acceptance of Subscription fee does not mean acceptance for Membership. Application for Membership shall be made on the appropriate form and proposed and seconded by fully paid-up Members of the Society and shall not be accepted until having received the approval of the next Annual General Meeting or Committee Meeting.

In order to comply with the Data Protection Act the Field Spaniel Society wish to inform you that if you are accepted for membership your membership record will be held on computer unless you have any objections. Any objection should be in writing and sent for the attention of the Society Secretary. In that event your individual record will be held on paper form only.

Subscription Rates apply from 1st January to 31st December.

Junior Members & Gamekeepers £2.50 - PayPal Rate £2.79