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Year Book Details

2023 Year Book

The Society is looking for articles for the yearbook.  These must be no more than 1000 words and forwarded to the Secretary

A quick reminder about adverts for the yearbook.  The deadline for acceptance for these will be the 31st December 2023. However early receipt would be greatly appreciated as this give more time to put all the adverts together.

Over the years the yearbook has been great success with our members and the officers and committee greatly appreciate the input from the members.

Prices will remain the same this year £45 per page with 2 pages at the reduced price of £80, payment must be made in full by the 31st December.

This year again the Society is offering a limited time discounted rate of £60 for 2 pages or £35 for 1 Page.  Payment must be made in full by the 1st December and the adverts also received no later than the 14th December, any adverts paid at the lower rate but received after the 14th December will have to revert to the higher charge.

This year Charles Holgate has kindly agreed again to take on the task of producing it.  Your advert/s  can be sent to Charles at


All payments to the Treasurer by cheque, payments can also be made directly into the Society’s Account.  Details on request


The page size for the yearbook is as follows: 154mm x 216mm (or the equivalent in inches is 6.06 x 8.5 inches). This allows for a 3mm bleed all the way round.

We would recommend a 12mm margin for any text so not to lose it in the spine of the book.