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September 2016 - Communication from AHT regarding where we are now.

The team at AHT are collating the returned information from 66/75 breeds and 80 disorders so far listed. This is a time consuming process involving a review of current literature for all 80 conditions listed and communication with other scientists working on some of these conditions
This will allow them to decide on which healthy control dog and which with a disorder they choose to sequence. Once they have determined which dogs to sequence they will advise us regarding the DNA samples required.
The process will take a number of months for all 75 breeds, so they are proceeding in smaller batches to keep up the momentum.

April 2016

The Field Spaniel Committee are very pleased to announce that we have been accepted onto the "Give A Dog A Genome" project. The project is a collaboration between the Kennel Club Charitable Trust and the Animal Health Trust ( AHT ) and initially 50 dog breeds have been invited to take part. One dog will be selected from each breed by the AHT and DNA from these dogs will be used to sequence the entire genome of these breeds, during 2016.

I spoke to Dr Cathryn Mellersh today at the AHT and she tells me that the information gained will provide genetic markers that can be used to aid our understanding of the variation within the canine genome. In the future scientists will be able to identify disease mutations and this in turn will aid both prevention and hopefully cures for disease.

This is a very exciting time and I will bring you further information and updates as our participation in the project progresses.

   Further Links for Information regarding this can be found at the AHT site .

Health Schemes

Give a Dog A Genome

What is Give a Dog a Genome?

Every genome we sequence is a permanent resource which will contribute towards our research for many years to come, to the benefit of all breeds – not just those we can sequence now.  

By undertaking this colossal task - DNA is a string of A, C, G & Ts…if each was 1mm long the whole genome of each dog we sequence would stretch from Lands End to John O’Groats and back again! - we will enhance our understanding of which changes in DNA sequence have an effect on dog health and which changes are benign or neutral. 

This information will have profound effects on our ability to identify mutations which cause inherited diseases in purebred dogs, and the rate at which we can develop new DNA tests as tools for breeders. Give a Dog a Genome will revolutionise canine genetics research and is therefore a hugely important project to the future of dog health.

March 2017 - Communication regarding where we are now.

We are now progressing well with the Genome Project.  

We have our 3 dogs as required by the Animal Health Trust, the owners have been in contact with the Trust and they are in the process of completing what the Trust have asked of them.

The team at AHT will then choose the donor dog, which will be anonymous